About Us

We strive to achieve healthy life through various ways.   Taichi and Health Exercise  is one of the means to make healthy life by ‘ACTIVATING YOUR BODY’.     Instead of taking lifetime medicine to calm down the simptoms, we try to activate human’s embeded energy(Qi) that can cure most diseases and keeping yourself healthy.   We strongly believe that understanding where most of the problems are coming from and try to correct all erronous behaviour that may cause most of diseases.  What we count most is mind control and using positive universe energy.  

The chief instructure of Taichi has been learning Nam Wah TaiJI Gong in Singapore since 2003 and practiced very hard to be able to give correct instructions through the teaching method of Nam Wah TaiJi Gon that has a very long histroy from the CHINA.

We are not using medicine, acupunture or injections.    We are activating your internal energy and add universe energy to heal.